Club Wheatshocker Nets
***Every Wednesday at 8:00 PM on 443.725 MHz (+) 151.4 Hz tone.
***Every Thursday  at 8:00 PM on 145.290 MHz (-) 151.4 Hz tone.


Upcoming Meetings & Programs

April 14, 2017  7:00 pm ***NOTE TIME***

- "How I mounted my Mobile Radio"Come and show how you met the challenge of mounting your Mobile Radio(s).  Meet in the Church parking lot.

April 28, 2017  7:30 pm

   - Associated Radio.  Dan Harlow will show the latest gear.


Field Day 2017 -- June 24-25, 2017

The operating dates and times are June 24 at 1:00 PM to June 25 at 1:00 PM.

Click on "***Field Day 2017***" Tab above for more details!

This year we will NOT be at the Observation Tower in Shawnee Mission Park.  The Tower will be under construction so the area will be unusable!  We have however secured another location.  We will be located at the old Hutton Farm which is located just west of the 87th Street entrance to Shawnee Mission Park.  See Map Below...........


Ensor Museum Volunteer May 2017

Please Sign Up by clicking the link below ====>

Thank You to all members of the Johnson County RAC for accepting an important role in the function of the Ensor Park and Museum.

Your job as a volunteer is simple!  Greet people as they arrive at the museum.  If Larry Woodworth, W0HXS -Ensor Park and Museum Manager is busy giving a tour you will watch over them until Larry is available to start another tour.  The idea is to have 3 people staffing the museum (including Larry) so as to ensure the museum is not left unattended and Larry is not alone.

There is plenty of ham radio history at the museum and if things are slow you can walk around and take in that history.  You are also welcome to use the equipment in the radio room off the country kitchen!


Public Service Events 101 Presentation

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President's Corner

April 2017

We received a nice thank you for the use of the club's repeaters in the wake of the Overland Park fire.  The repeaters were used to coordinate shelter information.

The observation tower location at Shawnee Mission Park will not be available for our Field Day use this year.  Jay, WJØX, and the Field Day team have been busy looking into alternate locations for 2017.

Our Club will be sponsoring the next WW1USA event.  Sign up to support the event.  Remember the museum offers discounted tickets for Amateur Radio operators during the event.  So work the event for a few hours and then tour the museum.

Public service events that need amateur radio support return in April. Volunteering is a very good way to meet other hams.  Spend a few hours helping others and learn more about your radios.

Last year the Club provided volunteer guides for Ensor museum.  The museum is open only on Saturday and Sunday and needs volunteers for about four hours each day.  Last year we had the same group of  club members supporting this effort.  It is only a few hours and we would like more members to assist.  We alternate months with the Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club.

Please note that the April 14 program (How I mounted my mobile radio) will begin in the church parking lot at 7 PM.



Bill KA2FNK, President


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Welcome to nonprofit organization 501(c)(3)  EIN 48-1071476 dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio.  The club is involved in various public service events and many members are involved in other public service associated programs such as A.R.E  .S., E.C.S. and SATERN.



Amateur Radio events listed on this site are compiled from Larry's List emails - sent by Larry Staples WØAIB. This site is an addition to his emails conveying the wealth of material in an easy-to-read, consistent format by category of interest. These events generally have fixed schedules. For more time sensitive information, subscribe to Larry's List and get up-to-the-minute messages and announcements delivered by email.


Club Member Polo Shirt Order Form

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