Welcome to nonprofit organization 501(c)(3)  EIN 48-1071476 dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio.  The club is involved in various public service events and many members are involved in other public service associated programs such as A.R.E  .S., E.C.S. and SATERN.


The History of Radio and Good Feedback on our Website

07/11/2014 14:16
I just wanted to say thank you for your  (web) page.  My name is Joy, and my friends and I are starting an amateur radio enthusiasts club. We wanted to  compile a list of resources for all the potential members to share at the first meeting. Your page had some great resources for this. Thanks so much for sharing!! I also wanted to share an resource on the history of the radio that my daughter, Lizzie, found while helping me research: ...

Presentation on JT-65 by Lon Martin K0WJ

04/25/2014 14:31
Thank you Lon for a great presentation on JT-65.  You can find his Power Point presentation under the "Technical" Tab above.
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President's Corner

October 2014

The public service events for 2014 are winding down. The weather for these events in September could not have been better this year. Last year the weather caused several events to be shortened or canceled altogether. I hope you had the opportunity to volunteer for at least one event. It is a good way to keep you equipment in working order.

October means it’s time for the Ensor activities and auction. The activities will start Friday evening October 24. These activities include a camp fire, pot luck dinner and movie. As midnight approaches there will be this year’s“Spirit of the Ensors” ceremony. Saturday the Auction will start around 11 am, So come out early to look the items.

Search through your ham shack for that forgotten or little-used item that needs a new, caring home. We will be more than happy to assist with your sale and at the same time help support the Club and Ensor Farm. Auction items can be on consignment or donated. Listen to the repeater for date and time of the reverse Santa for picking up items for the auction.

Skywarn Recognition Day is co-sponsored by the National Weather Service and American Radio Relay League. This year the event will start on December 5 at 6 pm CST and end on Saturday December 6 at 6 PM CDT. This event celebrates the important contributions that volunteer SKYWARN radio operators make to the National Weather Service core mission. If you would like to help with this event, please contact me. The Regional Headquarters is located near the airport, Interstate 29, exit 10. We will need volunteer operators starting at 6 pm Friday through 6pm Saturday. I will be checking with Pleasant Hill as to what assistance they will need.



Bill KA2FNK, President


The Treasurer's Report for October 24, 2014

Cash on Hand     $131.99
Checking Account $ 340.32
Savings Account $ 8,699.12
Total $ 9,171.43
Repeater Operating Reserve $ 625.87
Memorial Fund $ 150.00


Upcomming Events

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October 24 and 25  --  Auction and the Ensor Museum



Amateur Radio events listed on this site are compiled from Larry's List emails - sent by Larry Staples WØAIB. This site is an addition to his emails conveying the wealth of material in an easy-to-read, consistent format by category of interest. These events generally have fixed schedules. For more time sensitive information, subscribe to Larry's List and get up-to-the-minute messages and announcements delivered by email.

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