Club Wheatshocker Nets

***Every Wednesday***

  • 7:00 PM Yaesu Fusion Digital via Kansas City Room or Local KC Area Repeaters 444.400+, 442.600+, and 443.725+ (for more info see
  • After this Digital Net is the 40 meter Roundtable around 7.273 MHz LSB
***Every Thursday***
  • 7:00 PM on Analog Repeater 145.290 MHz  (- offset) with a 151.4 Hz tone
  • After this 2 meter Net is the 10 meter Roundtable on 28.475 MHz USB (this frequency is within the Technician License Class)


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Upcoming Meetings & Programs

February 9, 2024  7:00 pm

- IN-PERSON Meeting/Program... Program is "WINLINK Global  Radio EMAIL" by  Bill Gery, KA2FNK.


February 23, 2024  7:00 pm

- IN-PERSON Meeting/Program...  Let's try this again!!!  Elmer Night!!!  Bring your questions!  We can help.  Maybe not answer every question, but point you in the right direction.  Elmers will be there to discuss Winlink, Fldigi and FLmsg, FT8, Public Safety events, Base and Mobile equipment, Parks on the Air (POTA), and many more.  See Graphic Ad Below!


Meeting Minutes for Approval

Minutes from January 12, 2023 Meeting for Approval at the February 9, 2024 Meeting

==> Minutes Jan 12 2024.pdf


President's Corner

February 2024

Hope everyone survived the single digit temperatures and the snow-covered ground. The last days of January have warmed up and the snow has retreated to a few small piles.

I do not believe John (K0IZ) would quiz you on his article in January’s 2024 QST but congratulate him on being published.

We had a calendar conflict for the January 26th meeting, so the Elmer’s program has been rescheduled for February 23. So please bring your questions.

The Club’s board met and decided on some changes that will impact the club’s store and Membership.  First the Club’s store will be handled by Jaimie, AD0AB. This will take effect as soon as it can be transitioned from Cal.  The other item is membership. We are going to appoint a membership person to receive notice of a new member and follow up with that person.  Both will lessen the workload of both Cal and Ted.

Another change will be how we handle the club’s expenses for such things as Field Day and Ensor auction activities. Going forward the club will pay for these items up front and not ask members to pay and then be reimbursed.

Field Day is the Club’s biggest expense each year. The tent, tables, chairs, and the port-a-potties being the big items. For the auction the club must rent tables and a few chairs. The club sponsors five repeaters. See the club’s web site for details ( We have been very lucky that there has been no weather-related damage to the repeaters. The last was the Black & Veatch site where we had to replace the non-penetrating roof mount after a high wind event.


Bill KA2FNK, President



Welcome to nonprofit organization 501(c)(3)  EIN 48-1071476 dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio.  The club is involved in various public service events and many members are involved in other public service associated programs such as A.R.E  .S., E.C.S. and SATERN.



Amateur Radio events listed on this site are compiled from Larry's List emails - sent by Larry Staples WØAIB. This site is an addition to his emails conveying the wealth of material in an easy-to-read, consistent format by category of interest. These events generally have fixed schedules. For more time sensitive information, subscribe to Larry's List and get up-to-the-minute messages and announcements delivered by email.


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