Club Wheatshocker Nets

***Every Wednesday***
#1 - 8:00 PM Fusion Digital on 442.600 MHz.
#2 - After the Digital Net is the 40m                 Roundtable around 7.273 MHz LSB.

***Every Thursday***
#1 -  8:00 PM on 145.290 MHz(-) with a         151.4 Hz tone.
#2 - After the 2m Net is the 10m Roundtable  on 28.475 MHz USB.


Upcoming Meetings & Programs

October 12, 2018  7:00 pm

- Presentation by Herb Fiddick, NZ0F on "Emergency Communications 101 - Why is Emergency Communications a part of Ham Radio".

October 26, 2018 7:00 pm

- Cookout, Campfire and Overnight Camping at the Ensor Park and Museum. Address is 18995 W. 83rd St, Olathe, KS 66062.  The Auction is the next day at 11:00 am.


Ensor Museum Volunteer October 2018 Sign-up

You have been invited by Johnson County Radio Amateurs Club (JCRAC) to sign up for the "Ensor Museum Volunteer for May 2018." Your job as a volunteer is simple! Greet people as they arrive at the museum. Please click on the button below to view the online sign up sheet.
Like last year, all volunteers that sign up will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate to Associated Radio. Volunteer multiple times and you will be entered multiple times. Thank you!!

Link to Sign-up ===>


Raffle Drawing Details - Purchase Tickets at Club Meeting, On-line (see link below), and Day of Auction

      First Drawing - $750 Gift Certificate to Associated Radio
      Second Drawing - $50 Gift Certificate to Harbor Freight
***Tickets are $5.00 each or a Book of Five for $20.00 ***
***You don't have to be present to win***
***Drawing to take place at the End of the Auction***
Purchase Tickets On-line click this link below  
Name / Callsign (1 Required)
Phone / eMail Add (1 Required)



"Ongoing” Day of Auction Raffle Drawings from 11am – 2pm

First Drawing - A heavy duty aluminum folding chair
Second Drawing - A pocket sized Digital Multi-meter
Third Drawing -  AOYUE Soldering Station
Fourth Drawing - A $50.00 Gift Card
***Tickets are $2 each or three for $5 ***
***Tickets available at Club Meetings and Day of Auction***
***Drawing every 30 minutes***
***MUST be Present to Win***



***Here is a partial list of items that will be up for Auction.  List will be updated as we receive more items***
Newly Added Additional Items....
  • Kenwood TS180 80-10Meter Transceiver
  • Realistic Radio Shack HTX-100 Transceiver
  • Heathkit HW116 Transceiver
  • Heathkit HG 10B VFO
  • Heathkit High Voltage Probe
  • Heathkit IT-11 Capacitor Checker
  • Heathkit IM5217 VOM
  • Heathkit HD16 Code Practice Oscillator
  • Heathkit HS24 Mobile Speaker
  • Heathkit CP1060 Capacitive Discharge Ignition
  • Lafayette 99-5017 Audio Generator
  • Midland 21-404 Mobile Speaker
  • Schumacher SE-1-12S Battery Charger
  • APC NET9RM Power Strip
  • Misc. Reostat Lot of 4 Misc Values
  • Panasonic RJ3200 23 Channel CB
  • Custom Built Panel Power Distribution panel
  • Variable Capacitor Lot of 2 variable capacitors
  • Meter Mycom Media VOM replacement meter
  • Coil Part of Roller Inductor
  • Philmore Aerial kit
  • Ceramic Insulator 2 three inch standoff insulator
  • Hustler 10 Meter Coil and 22-inch Mast/with bracket
  • Wilson Cellular Trucker antenna and Mobile Mount
Additional Items....
  • Heathkit oscilloscope Model 10-4205.
  • Wico  377 Sin/square wave audio generator
  • Three spools of project wire.
  • Spool of 1 inch coax ( not sure of the length )
These items are from the estate of Jack Holzer WOYZS -SK.  They include Radio Equipment, Electronic Equipment, and lots of Misc Tools.
  • Cushman Electronics Two Tone Generator CE-11
  • Tektronix 2213A Oscilloscope
  • Box containing electric fan / extension cords / hand broom
  • Blue homemade Antenna Tuner
  • Fisher Amplifier SA-16
  • Heathkit Condenser Checker
  • Military Frequency Meter made by Allen D. Cardwell Serial No. 1186
  • Gray Signal Generator made by Automated Industrial Electronics Corp. Serial No. 1333
  • BSR EQ2 Stereo Frequency Equalizer
  • Unopened Heathkit IB5281 - RLC Bridge
  • Box of Miscellaneous Radio Parts
  • Astron Power Supply RS-12A
  • Astron Power Supply RS-20A
  • Leader LCD-100 (Digital Multi-Meter Scope)
  • Homemade Megger
  • Homemade Speaker
  • Dynaco Stereo 120 - 400 Watt Amplifier
  • Homemade Attenuator
  • RadioShack MPA-31 PA Amplifier 120 Volt
  • Symetrix 421 AGC Leveler
  • Military Surplus Portable Transformer
  • Cushman CE5 Service Monitor
  • Bird Electronics Termaline Co-Ax Resistor (500 Watts)
  • Homemade Electronic Box
  • PD-1 SSB Adapter
  • Bird Electronics 43 Watt Meter with 50 H Slug
  • Termaline Co-Ax Resister 50 Watts
  • Decibel DB4303B 100 Watt Dummy Load
  • EMR Corp. 1650 125 Watt Dummy Load
  • 4 ohm Speaker and Cable
  • Zenith Transoceanic without Case
  • Cushman CE-11 Two Tone Generator
  • Pioneer CS-F51 Speakers
  • Motorola Paging System with Power Supply
  • McIntoch ML-10C Speakers
  • Box of Vaccum Tubes
  • Homemade Power Supply
  • Box of Miscellaneous Power Supplies / Hard Drives / Case Parts
  • Unidentified Military Surplus Radio Gear
  • Tub of Power Cable and Heat Sinks
  • Two Tone Decoder (in box taped shut)
  • Spectrum Analyzer ADC SA-1
  • Motorola Hand Walkie-Talkie
  • R1051 Receiver Manual
  • Commercial Rackmount Power Supply 12 V - 15 Amp
  • High Voltage Rackmount Power Supply
  • Unknown Solid State Power Supplies
  • Briggs and Stratton Gas Powered Generator
  • United Audio Turntable
  • Case of Com Series 11 Amp 13.8 Volt Power Supplies ICT12012-11AX
  • Boger C60B PA Amp
  • Sansui 20002 Solid State Tuner Amplifier
  • Hewlett Packard Signal Generator 606A
  • TS1060B Teletype Test Set
  • GAW Corp. FM Signal 1012
  • RBA-3 Low Frequency Receiver
  • Cushman CE-5 with Oscilloscope Service Monitor
  • Military Surplus Vaccum Tester TV-7D/U
  • Package of Probates for Tektronix 2213A Oscilloscope
  • Reel to Reel Tape Deck - UST-4 - 4 Track
  • 28 Inch Sanscraft Level
  • Box of Miscellaneous Items, Including an Engraver and Wires
  • Homemade Testing Oven
  • Box of Light Bulbs
  • Box of Cables / CDs / Computer Cables / Binoculars
  • Box of Resistors / Co-Ax Pieces / Wall Clocks
  • Box of Telephone Equipment / Electrical Terminators / Fuses / One Sander / Cable Clamps
  • Box of Lamp Parts and Switch Plates
  • Box of Panel Meters
  • Networx Unused Alarm Kit
  • Box of Old Phone Wires
  • Quick Cable Rescue Pack (Car Battery Jump)
  • Tandberg TCD-300 Cassette Deck
  • Sansui Stereo Receiver
  • Box Containing 2 Uniden Scanners
  • Harman Kardon Citation 1 Stereo Control Center
  • Box of Miscellaneous Tools / Radio Parts / Ceramic Inductors / Wavetek 180
  • Red Tub with Power Supplies and Answering Machine
  • Electric Motor
List of Misc Tools
  • Craftsman 125 PSA Air Compressor
  • Green Compressed Air Tank
  • Box of miscellaneous wood working hand tools
  • Yellow Air Tank
  • Craftsman Bench Vice
  • Box of Pulleys
  • Motor with Brush
  • 18 Inch Tool Box Full of Hand Tools
  • Tray of Angle Brackets
  • Cardboard Tray of Pop Rivets
  • Tray of Sweat Fittings
  • Tray of Gasket Material
  • Cordless Drill
  • Tray of Pipe Fittings and Plugs
  • Tray of Nails
  • Wood Vice
  • Tray of Tacks
  • Tray of Nails
  • Nail Gun
  • Tray of Pipe Fittings 
  • Electric Drill
  • Tray of Miscellaneous Nozzels
  • Tray of PVC Pipe Fittings
  • Propane Torches
  • Electric Grinder Accessories
  • Tray of Nails
  • Tray of Miscellaneous Clamps
  • Electric Motor
  • Columbia 04M2 Bench Vice
  • Black Computer Case
  • 11" x 17" Cabinets Fully of Miscellaneous Screws
  • 3' X 28" Five Drawer Rolling Tool Box Full of Handtools
  • Four Foot Level
  • Drafting Board
  • Karcher Power Washer
  • Box of Brushes
  • Box of Small Hand Tools
  • Small Tool Box with Wrenches and Socket Sets
  • Quick Cable Rescue Pack (Car Battery Jump)
  • Case of Screws
  • Box Containing Dust Buser and Rat Traps
  • Electric Impact Gun
  • Case of Air Tools / Wrench / Driver
  • Metal Tray of Screws
  • Skilsaw 5125 in Green Box
  • Small Cabinets Full of Miscellaneous Household Hardware
  • Aluminum 24" Pipe Wrench
  • 18" Rigid Offset Pipe Wrench
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Milwaukee Commercial Grade LR15562 (Grinder)
  • Box of Various Project Cabinets
  • Hand Saw
  • Shelving Units
  • Two Door 6' Cabinet
These items are from NH7L....
  • Icom IC-208H dual band (2m/440) mobile transciever
  • Icom IC-7000 HF+2m/440  transciever, with LDG Z100 tuner and mobile mounting bracket
  • Icom IC-706MKIIG  HF+2m/440  transciever, with LDG Z100 tuner  
  • Icom IC-91AD (with DStar option) HT.  Includes speaker-mic. drop in charger, antenna, programming software and programming cable. 
  • MicroHam digikeyer with cable for Icom  IC-706.  Software CD included
  • Samlex SEC-1223 23 amp 12V power supply.
  • Kenwood AT-200 Antenna Tuner 
  • SST Electronics random wire antenna tuner
  • Several Diamond HT antennas with BNC connectors
  • Heil ProSet Plus headset, including various adapters
  • Heil Traveler headset, wired for IC-706
  • West Mountain Radio RIGRunner 4005  power distribution box
  • West Mountain Radio PowerPole crimping tool, with supply of PowerPoles



Annual Ensor Auction and Activities - October 26 and 27

Link to Printable Flier ==> Ensor Auction Flier 2018 pdf.pdf



President's Corner

September 2018

August proved to be a sad moth for the Amateur radio community in Johnson County. First there was the tragic accident that took the life of Lon's grandson. Then we heard of the passing of Jack Holzer, WØYZS, on August 27. Jack was a big supporter of Amateur Radio and, in particular, our Club. His donations of items to our annual auction were a big part of its success. Jack ended his professional public service career last year when he retired from the Johnson County Sheriff's department and Emergency Management and Communications after 27 years. I had the opportunity to hear of his experiences in the “Tin Can Navy” as he served on a destroyer. My brother also served on destroyers, so I have a few of his stories that I shared with Jack.

A few big public service events that will be occurring in September. Hopefully you can find the time to volunteer for at least one of these events. Look up Larry's List for the events. Ted will be looking for volunteer tour guides for Ensor. Please sign up for one of the slots. It only a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

The Ensor auction planning is under way along with other activities. We have not been able to nail down the dates. Look through your shack for that items looking for a new home.


Bill KA2FNK, President


Club Member Polo Shirt Order Form

We are Putting Together ANOTHER Club Shirt Order!  As soon as enough orders come in we will place the order.  Here is the order form for Club Shirts:  JCRACShirt2018OrderFormV2.pdf

Email completed form to of bring to club meeting.  Payment may be made at club meeting, via PayPal or mailed to JCRAC, PO Box 93, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-0093.  Cash, Check, Credit or PayPal Accepted (


by "Van" VanDaveer K0HCV

Here is a link to an excelent explination of the Yaesu System Fusion published on Larry's List Nov 22, 2017

===> Yaesu System Fusion 101 by Van K0HCV.pdf


by "Van" VanDaveer K0HCV

Here is a link to an excelent explination of the Yaesu Fusion Rooms and Nodes published on Larry's List Nov 24, 2017

===> Yaesu Fusion Rooms and Nodes 101.pdf


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