Club Wheatshocker Nets

***Every Wednesday***
#1 - 8:00 PM Fusion Digital on 442.600 MHz.
#2 - After the Digital Net is the 40m                 Roundtable around 7.273 MHz LSB.

***Every Thursday***
#1 -  8:00 PM on 145.290 MHz(-) with a         151.4 Hz tone.
#2 - After the 2m Net is the 10m Roundtable  on 28.475 MHz USB.


Upcoming Meetings & Programs

May 10, 2019   7:00 pm

- Foxhunt Equipment Practice.  We will be in the open field North of the Church.  Bring your equipment to use and share.

May 24, 2018   7:00 pm

- Raspberry Pi setup and Ham Radio Application by Bill Gery KA2FNK.



Sign Up to Volunteer at Ensor Saturday and Sunday

during the Month of May

from 1 pm to 5 pm


Can you believe it is almost May..... and May is the month that the Johnson County Radio Amateurs Club (JCRAC) provides volunteers to help staff the Ensor Museum.  Your job as a volunteer is simple! Greet people as they arrive at the museum.
Please click on the lionk below for more information and to view the online sign up sheet.  Thank you!!

Link to Sing Up =>


June 22 - 23, 2019

The Old Hutton Farm next to Shawnee Mission Park
(same location as last year)
For GPS users the address is:   18800 W 87th St Pkwy Lenexa, KS 66220


New Website For Fusion

For anyone interested in Fusion and the Wires-X Kansas City Room, there is a new website.
This website is for information about the Kansas City Room, its repeaters and other interesting and useful information about our local room.
Note:  If you try to access it and get a not found error or a server not found error try again later. I am hosting it on a free hosting site and the paying users get priority over us free users. As in everything else you get what you pay for.
Also it is not optimized for your iphone or android. If you view it on your phone it will appear a bit disjointed but don't worry, everything is there.
Van Van Daveer, K0HCV


President's Corner

May 2019

The Field Day 2019 location is looking good even without the buildings. There is actually more open area for antennas. The basic station locations will be the same. With May here, Field Day is a lot closer that you think. Several of us plan to camp out Friday night June 21 at the site. Come and join us. As Jay would ask “When is Field Day ?” June 22-23. We will start setting up on Friday June 21 at 1 pm.

The Club provides volunteers for Ensor museum. The museum is open only on Saturday and Sunday. Please sign up of one the slots. It is really easy duty. This year as last we will have a drawing for the gift certificate for those that cover a shift.

Hope you have looked at Larry’s list and selected a few public service events to volunteer for. These events are a good way to support these groups while having fun with your equipment.


Bill KA2FNK, President


William Becknell

The 3rd Annual Becknell Heritage Days

 Commemoration of The Santa Fe Trail

May 18 - 19, 2019

Click Link below for more information



by "Van" VanDaveer K0HCV

Here is a link to an excelent explination of the Yaesu System Fusion published on Larry's List Nov 22, 2017

===> Yaesu System Fusion 101 by Van K0HCV.pdf


by "Van" VanDaveer K0HCV

Here is a link to an excelent explination of the Yaesu Fusion Rooms and Nodes published on Larry's List Nov 24, 2017

===> Yaesu Fusion Rooms and Nodes 101.pdf


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Cal Lewandowski,  KC0CL.

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Welcome to nonprofit organization 501(c)(3)  EIN 48-1071476 dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio.  The club is involved in various public service events and many members are involved in other public service associated programs such as A.R.E  .S., E.C.S. and SATERN.



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