Club Wheatshocker Nets

***Every Wednesday***

  • 7:00 PM Yaesu Fusion Digital via Kansas City Room or Local KC Area Repeaters 444.400+, 442.600+, and 443.725+ (for more info see
  • After this Digital Net is the 40 meter Roundtable around 7.273 MHz LSB
***Every Thursday***
  • 7:00 PM on Analog Repeater 145.290 MHz (- offset) with a 151.4 Hz tone
  • After this 2 meter Net is the 10 meter Roundtable on 28.475 MHz USB (this frequency is within the Technician License Class)


Upcoming Meetings & Programs

May 12, 2023  7:00 pm

- IN-PERSON Meeting/Program... "Model Rockets" by Steve ONeal, KF0BZX the Club's Public Infromation Officer (PIO).


May 26, 2023  7:00 pm

- IN-PERSON Program... This 'Program Only' format will focus on SWR and Related Measuring by Bill Brinker, WA0CBW.  Bill is the Club's Repeater Trustee AND the ARRL Technical Coordinator for the Kansas Section.


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Meeting Minutes for Approval at the May 12th Club Meeting

Minutes from the April 14, 2023 Meeting

==> JCRAC Minutes April 14 2023.doc


Ensor Museum Volunteer May 2023


**** ALL volunteers that sign up will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Gift Certificate to Associated Radio. Volunteer multiple times and you will be entered multiple times. ****

Your job as a volunteer is simple!  Greet people as they arrive at the museum.  If Ensor Park and Museum Manager is busy giving a tour, you will watch over them until they are available to start another tour.  The idea is to have 3 people staffing the museum to ensure the museum is not left unattended while tours are being given.

If you are new to the JCRAC and/or Ensor Park and Museum, No Problem.  If you like you can stop by Ensor and see what's going on before you volunteer. 

There is plenty of ham radio history at the museum and if things are slow, you can walk around and take in that history.  You are also welcome to use the equipment in the radio room off the country kitchen!

Thank You to all for accepting an important role in the function of the Ensor Park and Museum!!


Link to Sign Up  ==>



President's Corner

May 2023

The May meetings last year we were still meeting via Zoom due to COVID-19. It has been great to have the face-to-face meetings again.

The NFL Draft WW1USA remote special event stations at the church all functioned great. Thanks to all that helped test the setup during the week and set everything up Friday afternoon.

May is our club's turn for volunteers at Ensor. Please sign up for one or more slots. It is only a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday. Each time you volunteer, your name goes into a drawing for a gift certificate from Associated Radio.

Field Day planning is coming together thanks to Jay. We will be getting with the station captains and reviewing the equipment needed for their stations. The mesh network performed great last year so we will use the same setup this year.

Join us May 12 after the business meeting for a program on "Rockets" presented by Steve, KFØBZX, our PIO. On May 28, we will continue our large programs night with Bill, WAØCBW. The subject being SWR and measuring related subjects.


Bill KA2FNK, President



Welcome to nonprofit organization 501(c)(3)  EIN 48-1071476 dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio.  The club is involved in various public service events and many members are involved in other public service associated programs such as A.R.E  .S., E.C.S. and SATERN.



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