Yaesu System Fusion WIRES-X “KANSAS CITY” Room Network

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Fusion Coverage Maps

Below are links to the coverage maps for all but one of the repeaters linked by the Kansas City room. I don't have accurate data for the Plaza repeater. These represent what the repeater hears from mobile transmitters.
There are so many variables that determine whether a mobile is heard by a repeater that it is impossible to represent them all in one diagram. I used the defaults of a 40 watt transmitter and a roof mounted quarter wave antenna as a default mobile station. The mode of variability of 90% means that nine times out of ten you should be able to get the results depicted on the map.
Anyone using a different type of antenna mounted in a different position on their vehicle or a different power level will experience different results.  But these should give everyone a rough idea of the coverage they can expect for each repeater.
Coverage will be much smaller for a handheld and especially for a handheld inside a vehicle.
Let me know if you have any questions.


Digital - Fusion

On April 29, 2015 the JCRAC turned on their new Yaesu Fusion Digital Repeater. The frequency of the repeater is 442.600 Mhz with a +5 Mhz offset and is operating in the Fusion C4FM digital mode only.  It is located at 65th and Quivira on a 200 ft. Cell Phone tower along with the 223.940 Mhz analog and 145.210 Mhz DMR repeaters.  Shortly after turning it on there were over a dozen call signs that logged on to the Group Monitor feature of the repeater. This feature allows everyone to see who is monitoring the repeater as well as their distance and direction from each other.  This repeater is an open repeater and is available to any licensed operator.  Of course the usual repeater operating courtesies  and protocols apply.

Bill Brinker - WA0CBW
ARRL Technical Coordinator - Kansas Section


Wires-X Presentation by Jay Burgherr, N0FB on January 22, 2016

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JCRAC - WIRES-X - 2016-01-22.pptx