DMR Presentation by Chuck Kraly K0XM

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**New Code Plug July 26, 2015**

JCRAC Code Plug V2_1.rdt (256,6 kB)

2m Repeater Update (145.29 MHz) - January 24, 2015

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The Johnson County Radio Amateur Club's repeater 145.290/146.900 PL 151.4 is back on the air.  It is a DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Motorola MotoTrbo repeater operating in the Dynamic Mixed Mode.  This means if you transmit into the repeater in analog mode it comes out analog or if you transmit into the repeater in digital (DMR) mode it comes out digital.  For those with DMR radios the Talk Group Number is 913, the Color Code is 1 and the Time Slot is 1.  The 145.210/144.610 PL 151.4 repeater in Shawnee also operates with the same Talk Group, Color Code and Time Slot.  These repeaters are not linked but are using the standard local Talk Group for this area. Anyone needing additional help programming their DMR radios or understanding DMR should contact Bill WA0CBW at or Van K0HCV at

Some additional operating notes:  These repeaters have the standard 3 minute time-out timer and do not have a courtesy beep. For analog users it may be helpful to use receive CTCSS or Tone Squelch to eliminate the digital sound when the repeater is in the digital mode.  When using CTCSS or Tone Squelch you will not hear the Identifier as the repeater strips PL when the ID is sent.  The repeater never sends an ID when voice is present.  And following FCC rules it is always good practice to monitor the channel prior to transmitting to be sure there isn't a conversation (either digital or analog) already in progress.


Some additional DMR programing notes:  In the DMR world everyone has a unique identification number.  This number is necessary primarily in the DMR linked repeater world and not an absolute requirement in our environment. However everyone should apply for and program into their DMR radio their unique number.  

The number is free, all you have to do is apply for it via the DMR-MARC website.  The url is:  Don't worry about all the verbiage on the page, just scroll down to the bottom and press the "user registration" button. Fill out the information and press the "register" button.   The home repeater callsign box on the registration page would be W0ERH.   It is necessary for everyone to apply for and program their number into their radio even though we are not linked into the DMR network.  If anyone has questions or needs their CSI radio programmed, just contact Van K0HCV at


Welcome to the new and improved family of repeaters from the Johnson County Radio Amateur club.  Stand by for information about a new Yaesu Fusion repeater that will be added in the future to the family. 

Bill - WA0CBW
W0ERH Trustee