Program Presentations

On the Road to 1500 Watts by Jaimie Charlton AD0AB

On the Road to 1500 ===> The Road to 1500.pdf

Three Knots Every Amateur Should Know

Animated Knot Tying Link ===>


EZNEC Tutorial by John Raydo, K0IZ



Permanently Installing a Portable 5550-Watt Generator for Back-up Power


Portable Operations Presentations - March 26, 2021


Receiving NOAA Satellites using Raspberry PI by Bill Gery, KA2FNK

===> NOAA WX Satellite images with Raspberry Pi.pdf

LiFePO4 Batteries for Portable Operating by Kevin van der Does

===> LFP Batteries for Portable Operating.pdf

Raspberry Pi for Amature Radio Presentations by Bill Gery, KA2FNK

Part 1 => Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio Part 1.pdf

Part 2 => Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio Part 2.pdf


"Fundamentals of Troubleshooting by Greg Wolfe - KI0KK"

"CW Then and Now" by Vern Wirka, W0VPM

CW Then and Now.pdf

Public Service Events 101 Presentation by Herb Fiddick NZ0F and Brian Short KC0BS

Video from Field Day 2016 by John Raydo, K0IZ

Remote Operations Presentation by JohnRaydo K0IZ, Herb Fiddick NZ0F and Charlie VanWay N0CVW

Remote Ham Radio.pps

Wires-X Presentation by Jay Burgherr, N0FB on January 22, 2016

(It's a big file so be patient)

JCRAC - WIRES-X - 2016-01-22.pptx

SDR Presentation

SDR Presentation Brandon Graham W0GPR Feb 2015.pptx

Video From Field Day 2015 - Thank you John Raydo, K0IZ

"Morse Code Song" Video From John Raydo, K0IZ Played during the July 24 Meeting