The History of Radio and Good Feedback on our Website

07/11/2014 14:16

I just wanted to say thank you for your  (web) page.  My name is Joy, and my friends and I are starting an amateur radio enthusiasts club. We wanted to  compile a list of resources for all the potential members to share at the first meeting. Your page had some great resources for this. Thanks so much for sharing!!
I also wanted to share an resource on the history of the radio that my daughter, Lizzie, found while helping me research: . Will you include this in your list? She's very interested in amateur radio even though her classmates don't share her enthusiasm for it, so I thought this would give her some extra encouragement. Plus, I thought it would be a great addition for others doing some research.
If you have any other information that you think would be good for us, please pass it on. Thanks again!
Warm regards,