Join us on air at WW1USA in 2014!

02/20/2014 12:09

The National World War I Museum, in partnership with amateur radio, will host special event station WW1USA from the grounds of the Liberty Memorial during the centennial observance of World War I.  Want to learn more about Amateur, also known as HAM, Radio?  Listen to this KCUR story.

WW1USA has selected several significant dates in 2014 when the station will be on the air. June 28-29 will commemorate the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914. August 2-3 commemorates the beginning of the Great War as the countries officially declared war. September 6-7 highlights the Battle of the Marne, often referred to as the “Miracle of the Marne.” December 27-28 will remember the 1914 Christmas Truce.

The operation of WW1USA will often coincide with other events held at the Museum to highlight lessons from the first worldwide war. The public is invited to share the experience by stopping by the station site just south of the entrance to the Museum during the operational dates. Amateur radio operators from the Kansas City region will be on hand to answer questions about the station and amateur radio, while Museum volunteers will also be available to answer historical questions and to provide information about the Museum and Liberty Memorial.

WW1USA is currently recruiting amateur radio clubs and organizations to support the event during the year by providing amateur radio operators to man the station. This is an opportunity to participate in the worldwide commemoration of the Great War Centennial. WW1USA has a 30-minute program on the Museum and the event station available to amateur radio clubs and organizations in the area. Presentations are scheduled at:

Jan 21 at Heart of America ARC (7 PM at 211 W. Armour)
Feb 11 at Ararat Shrine ARC (7 PM at 5100 Ararat Dr)
Feb 24 at Kansas City DX Club (6:30 PM at 8101 College Blvd)
Feb 27 at Raytown ARC (7:30 PM at 63 & Manning)
Feb 28 at Johnson County RAC (7:30 PM 7600 W 75 St)
Mar 7 at Pilot Knob ARC (7 PM Leavenworth County Courthouse)
Apr 19 at Ararat Shrine Hambash (11:30 AM in Truman Room)
All amateur radio operators are invited to attend.  To schedule a presentation, please email